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Additional Skills Dental Nursing

Who is the programme aimed at?

Qualified dental care professionals who wish to develop their knowledge, understanding and skills in order to work as an additional duties nurse.


What is the area of study?

There are seven optional units. Students must choose and complete 2 or more units to achieve the Award in Additional Duties Dental Nursing. Any combination is acceptable. Alternatively each unit can be studied independently to develop knowledge, understanding and skills. The units are:
TDP301 Taking Dental Photographs (workshop)
TDI401 Taking Dental Impressions (workshop)
CRWT501 Construction of Orthodontic Retainers and Whitening Trays (workshop)
FP601 Fluoride Application (workshop)
DC701 Dental Consent
COM801 Effective Communication
DLE901 Dental Law and Ethics
ICS902 The Role of the Infection Control Lead


How is the programme delivered?

The units are delivered online using our e-learning environment. Students are guided and supported by a Tutor and a Mentor. The practical skills associated with all the units are supported by workshops. The workshops take place at the centre.


How is the qualification assessed?

The students knowledge, understanding and skills are assessed by the completion of a number of tasks which are designed to determine the competence of the candidate. The tasks are called e-assignments, and there are one or more for each unit of study.
Candidates have three attempts at each e-assignment. The e-assignments are completed and submitted using the e-learning platform.
There is no examination.


How long will the programme take?

Each unit has either a 6-hour workshop followed by 14-hours of e-learning, or 20-hours of e-learning. Students are given up to 4-weeks per unit to complete to complete their study and submit their e-assignments.


How much does the programme cost?

Unit cost - workshop based - £125 each, e-based - £75 each
E-learning registration - £20 (annual)
E-assignment - £25 per unit
Fees are payable at the point of registration and are non-refundable.


There is a £25 fee for each e-assignment resit.

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I have read all of the information provided in this application pack and would like to apply for a
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undertake the Dental Team Qualifications (DTQ) Award in Additional Skills Dental Nursing. 

I agree to the terms and understand that OTT withholds the right to remove me from the
programme if I do not meet the terms or show sufficient progression. 

If this occurs I understand that I will not be refunded any fees paid.  

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