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Who we are

Our Mission Statement

Our vision is to develop the dental nurse and dental administrator leaders and mentors of tomorrow. We will open the door for individuals who want to realise their potential, and give them the tools for success.

Our Ethos

We are committed to inter-professional learning and team based patient care. Our two centres, Devon Square Orthodontics and Leamington Spa Orthodontics, have fully empowered their entire orthodontic team. By identifying committed individuals at every level within the team, who we have then trained, educated and developed, we have created a team of highly skilled, highly knowledgeable individuals who apply situational leadership, to ensure that patient care, well being and management is optimised. We have used our knowledge and experience of an effective team based model and research into inter-professional education to develop our mentored online courses. Our educational team bring variety in terms of teaching and learning styles, and experience. This variety allows us to provide a broad educational approach.

Why choose us...

  1. We do what we teach, so we know it works
  2. All teaching staff have been through the learner journey themselves, so they understand what it is like to be an OTT learner
  3. We choose qualifications and awarding bodies who we believe provide contemporary assessments and qualifications which fit well with dentistry today
  4. We won’t just provide you with the knowledge, we will teach you how to apply it in everyday practice
  5. We believe in the value of every member of the dental team