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Orthodontic Nursing

Can I complete the programmes in less time than the 24-weeks? 

YES. The deadlines set are allowing for just 5-hours of study per week, so if you commit to 10-hours per week you can halve the time the programme takes.

In the course information I have noticed a list of "pre-requisites" do I have to meet them all to get a place? 

Usually yes.

Do I need to complete a portfolio? 

Not exactly. During the study phase of the programme, you will be provided with guided learning audio/video presentations, supported by guided workbooks. We recommend 30 minutes of study followed by 30 minutes of questioning, as our research has shown that this increases retention of knowledge and understanding. Within your workbooks you will complete an activity log which evidences your study and verifiable CPD hours. During the assessment you are provided with templates and tasks to complete. Once these have been completed, you put them all together to submit for assessment - this is a portfolio but it is not the same as portfolios you may have previously completed for other qualifications.

How many attempts do I get at the assessment? 

A maximum of three.

Do I need a trainer / supervisor? 

No. You will be assigned with a mentor who can assist you with your learning. Tutors will guide your study and provide feedback on your workbooks. We also run practical workshops to develop your skills once you reach the Certificate stage.

General Questions

How can I pay for my course? 

The majority of our courses have a single fee which covers the teaching and assessment. We ask that this is paid as a single payment via internet banking. Once your course application has been received and processed, and you have received your offer, the OTT accounts team will send you (or whoever is paying the fees) an invoice with instructions on how to pay. We don't offer a credit facility.

Am I guaranteed entry to the course exam / assessment? 

Your course tutors and the course directors will set specific progress objectives. If you do not meet those progress objectives OTT withholds the right to refuse you entry into the examination / assessment.

What happens if I have to drop out of the programme, do I get a refund? 

Once you have accepted the offer and your fees have been paid they are non-refundable. We encourage learners to commit to their studies and plan for the impact they will have on their life (family and work commitments etc.). However, if something unexpected happens we will work with you to try and enable you to complete the course.

In the course information I have noticed a list of "prerequisites" do I have to meet them all to get a place? 

Usually yes.

Will I receive all the information that I need to pass the examination? 

All of the courses we offer have a mixture of direct (guided) and self-directed learning. Direct hours are the ones you have with the course tutors; self-directed learning is a mixture of reading, research, consolidation of practical skills in your workplace and learning from colleagues. Adult learning is usually self-directed. We will provide you with the tools to learn and identify the areas of knowledge you should develop.

Do you provide the course textbooks? 

No. OTT has a resource library which students are welcome to use when they are at the centre but you will need to have access to a copy of the course textbook at all times.

Do I need a trainer / supervisor? 

No. Tutors will guide your study and provide feedback on your workbooks.

“I am over the moon that I have passed and all my dreams have come true. I proved to everyone , including myself that I could do it.”
“This is my first course since qualifying as a dental nurse – wish I had done this sooner! I have learnt much more than I thought possible. Tutors are excellent and course very well led. Thank you!”
“Very enjoyable, brilliant teaching skills and I’ve learned a lot about fluoride that i wasn’t aware of! I actually can’t wait to be back next week!”

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